The new Kidd on the block

Katie & Charlotte

News! News! News!

Chazza T has only gone and got herself a new Art Director - rejoice!
She’s fun, she’s cool, she’s Irish.
She’s won heaps of awards, spoken at events, and loves a proactive project!
Her name is Katie Kidd and I think we’ll get along just fine.


Katie & Charlotte

One from London, the other from Dublin, their story begins with a tantalising tale of a matchmaker, a puppy and a politician.

Fresh from the shores of the Atlantic, an Englishwoman and an Irishwoman came together over a few too many Aperols—courtesy of their recruiter—and immediately connected over their love of women power and generally being badass.

Just to make sure the friendship wasn't tainted by happy brains, they arranged a night of tricky Trivia (tricky being the operative word when the Aussie politics round starts and you have no idea what’s going on) and in the end they were surprisingly good. Team intelligence - tick!

After a few interviews here and some puppy pats there, they merged their work, did a couple of briefs and accepted that perhaps they had been MAFS. It seems to be working out well though. Team creativity - tick!

365 days of Badass


They’ve done it! Badass.Gal, I’m so proud of you and support all that you stand for and have achieved in your first year of life. Cheers to you!

Badass.Gal is a project by Young Creative Council which launched on International Women’s Day 2018. It was created by Advertising Duo Charlotte & Danny, who wanted to celebrate amazing women, not just once a year, but every single day of it! That’s right, 365 incredibly talented women all on one platform for you to binge read about.

Charlotte & Danny regularly visit schools and universities to chat to ambitious students hoping to enter the Ad World, but over the year’s they noticed something: “classrooms and lecture theatres they were speaking in were full of ambitious young women, yet the industry they were working in was lacking them.”

Approximately 60% of creative students are female, but only 30% end up working full-time in the creative industry!
— Creative Equals

That’s where Badass.Gal comes in, hoping to smash these stats by celebrating young creative females who are already going above and beyond, regardless of their ‘years experience’.

Charlotte & Danny

London Creative Team &
The Founders of Badass.Gal

Badass.Gal runs totally on nominations. So it’s up to your
creative directors, mentors, teachers, lecturers and friends
to nominate a Badass Gal that they know.

Badass.Gal has given young creatives something to strive for, something that will bring them confidence and pride, and I am so proud to be apart of this community of inspirational women.

Bring on 2019 and 365 more Badass.Gals!

Kayla Varley popped up on my LinkedIn


Frantically scrolling through Kayla Varley’s Instragram, you wouldn’t be mistaken of thinking I’m in the middle of a fan girl stalk. LinkedIn isn’t my traditional way of finding artists and inspiration but somewhere along the line we had connected, and as soon as I realised, I was hooked. 


Kayla’s portraits of women evoke a strong sense of happiness, and for a moment, carry you into a magical place. She encourages her models to use their body to create strong lines, shapes and curves, and her creative ability to capture their raw vulnerability is what makes her images so absorbing.

They celebrate beauty in every essence. Different textures and tones add depth and she has an eye for using sharp light and shadows to cast yet another layer.

Kayla Varley is an American advertising Photographer based in Los Angeles, although she works in London and New York too. She studied at the Art Centre College of Design in LA, before dropping out to pursue a career on her own of which she is totally bossing.

She’s worked with some top agencies including AKQA, Leo Burnett LDN, Ogilvy NYC and R/GA and she’s created work for some huge brands like Levi’s, Kellogg’s Special K, Ebay Fashion and Grey Goose Vodka.

A Happy Place


Does anyone else have a trillion notes on their phone? I don’t know where they come from! They’re mostly just lists, some ideas and then there’s some actual note-worthy notes. Mostly they’re all typed out in a mad rush, grammar errors galore, and sometimes I cant even make out what I’m saying… like, what does this even mean? 

A lo a of peeps do t read. Teens

Looks like a 3am brainwave that didn’t quite translate.

So yesterday, I was trawling through all these notes to see if I could find any gems, and I re-discovered this:

I feel most happy when: October 2015.
I'm first in the coffee shop in the morning and I bag the best seat in the house, right by the window, and I just watch the world go by.

For those who don’t know, I used to wake up pretty early and take a 90 minute commute to Waterloo, go to the gym and then get to my regular at 8:15 for a quick coffee and read before work. It was tough, but I guess you get used to it, and I used to turn up to work bouncing off the walls, mostly from the instant rush of caffeine, but also for the fact it was only 9:00 and I’d absolutely smashed my morning. Reading this note bought back all those memories of London. 

I’m in Sydney now, searching for a job. For now, my 8:15 coffee has been replaced with a 10:30 kind and there’s no gym membership on the horizon.

It’s 3 and a half years later, I’m living a totally different life in a totally different city. I’ll get on my feet eventually, but for now I’ll just keep on enjoying these lie ins.