The new Kidd on the block

Katie & Charlotte

News! News! News!

Chazza T has only gone and got herself a new Art Director - rejoice!
She’s fun, she’s cool, she’s Irish.
She’s won heaps of awards, spoken at events, and loves a proactive project!
Her name is Katie Kidd and I think we’ll get along just fine.


Katie & Charlotte

One from London, the other from Dublin, their story begins with a tantalising tale of a matchmaker, a puppy and a politician.

Fresh from the shores of the Atlantic, an Englishwoman and an Irishwoman came together over a few too many Aperols—courtesy of their recruiter—and immediately connected over their love of women power and generally being badass.

Just to make sure the friendship wasn't tainted by happy brains, they arranged a night of tricky Trivia (tricky being the operative word when the Aussie politics round starts and you have no idea what’s going on) and in the end they were surprisingly good. Team intelligence - tick!

After a few interviews here and some puppy pats there, they merged their work, did a couple of briefs and accepted that perhaps they had been MAFS. It seems to be working out well though. Team creativity - tick!