A Happy Place


Does anyone else have a trillion notes on their phone? I don’t know where they come from! They’re mostly just lists, some ideas and then there’s some actual note-worthy notes. Mostly they’re all typed out in a mad rush, grammar errors galore, and sometimes I cant even make out what I’m saying… like, what does this even mean? 

A lo a of peeps do t read. Teens

Looks like a 3am brainwave that didn’t quite translate.

So yesterday, I was trawling through all these notes to see if I could find any gems, and I re-discovered this:

I feel most happy when: October 2015.
I'm first in the coffee shop in the morning and I bag the best seat in the house, right by the window, and I just watch the world go by.

For those who don’t know, I used to wake up pretty early and take a 90 minute commute to Waterloo, go to the gym and then get to my regular at 8:15 for a quick coffee and read before work. It was tough, but I guess you get used to it, and I used to turn up to work bouncing off the walls, mostly from the instant rush of caffeine, but also for the fact it was only 9:00 and I’d absolutely smashed my morning. Reading this note bought back all those memories of London. 

I’m in Sydney now, searching for a job. For now, my 8:15 coffee has been replaced with a 10:30 kind and there’s no gym membership on the horizon.

It’s 3 and a half years later, I’m living a totally different life in a totally different city. I’ll get on my feet eventually, but for now I’ll just keep on enjoying these lie ins.